Moving Forward: Part One

Here are my words of wisdom for surviving life as women of size in a society that is crazy about dieting and the beauty culture. Part One

The number one thing in my opinion is to teach people how to treat you. This may take some practice but you might be surprised how fast others learn that they should not “mess with you.” This could take a book or  manuscript but for now this is the short version. Start in small ways and practice. We all have the right to choose our own lifestyles. If you are being hassled close to home you might want to start by saying “stop saying that” or “I will not be treated like that” ( walking away after such a statement works, especially if positive dialogue is not in the cards). How about ” I will not engage in that topic” or “I am so over this topic”. Sometimes if you are fortunate you can engage in a conversation about what you truly want from your spouse, partner etc. Seems we forget to tell those important to us what we want and don’t want.

I learned from a customer that her husband always assumed she wanted to be encouraged to lose weight. When they had the “what I want” conversation he was shocked to learn his wife hated his input. He revealed he was never concerned about her size, he thought she was great. Oh that overused word “communication”.

Watch for more points on living your best life as a woman of size.