My Vancouver

I really wanted to rant about the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver but what more is there to say?

I decided I will instead applaud all the people who went downtown to clean up and all those who now speak of moving forward.

In my opinion, pushing up against a problem rarely works.  Finding alternates like positive action does.  Perhaps we should remind ourselves that those who will be “outed” for their  behaviour will be found accountable and let’s trust the police will deal with it.  Parents of these offenders may or may not be good parents but in the end the blame lies with the offender.  I was concerned when I overheard someone talking about retaliation against the parents of one of these kids. I do hope that calmness prevails and I trust that there are enough decent people in our city hoping for the same thing.

I thank all my customers from out of town who emailed, called or used facebook to check if we were ok.  You are the best as always and I join your well wishes for businesses downtown who were harmed.  There is a call to action here in the city to support those affected by going in and buying something.  I will do that ( wow, shopping to help out, I can handle that!)