A Trend Setter

I just know that I have true power and that when I left the fashion business my real calling would appear.

I share this simply because it makes me smile.

My husband and I had a nostalgic moment a while back and decided it would be fun to go to a White Spot and sit in the parking lot and order car service. I declared I would have a Coke float in honour of our nostalgic feelings and he agreed. It was so good, a sunny day, old memories and OMG I forgot how good a float tasted.

Ice Cream Float - Suzanne Bell's Blog

I of course told several friends of this and weeks later one of those friends took another friend and went to a restaurant and ordered a float. She advised me it was a diet caffeine-free Pepsi, float, but still……

I started to see the trend of which I am so sure I started.  (I should say the resurgence of a very old simple indulgence)   Yesterday I was on the phone with my cousin and was interrupted when in flew two friends with all the makings of guess what??? Yes, no question, I was on a hot trend…

Who knew how fast it would spread? My cousin called me back hours later to tell me she walked to Save On Foods near Cambie and Broadway and saw a big line up. They were serving customers free floats. That did it, we declared me a trend setter right on the spot!!

What will be next?