Garden Fairy Doors

My friends, Lorie and Bob, are at it again!

They’ve been busy, during the last few weeks, working on a new project:

It is a website to help the young (or the young at heart) enjoy magic in their own back yards, through the making of Garden Doors for Fairies, Gnomes, Elves and other magical garden creatures!

Also on their website they have a Blog, with easy-to-do projects that will enchant those who ‘believe” in the magic of such possibility.

Their one-of-a-kind doors are beautiful and each is handcrafted out of wood, and fairy-found objects. 

Here are just a few examples:

Red Heart - Garden Fairy Door - Green Plank Garden Fairy Door with Wind Chime -
Purple Peace Dove Garden Fairy Door -

Click on any of these pictures
to open up a pop-up gallery
with larger images.


You can find their website here.

They are also on Facebook, and their Shop is listed on Etsy.







Happy New Year

Ambivalent Polymath Blog - Suzanne Bell's BlogHappy New Year!

I have been writing some things throughout the past months, but have not finished any of them.

I guess that says something about where my head is at.

I have, however, found a great and engrossing blog, that I wanted to share:

I really like it and thought you may want to check it out…



LuluLemon Yoga Pants

Did you hear Chip Wilson from LuluLemon comment today on TV that the problem with the infamous Yoga pants is his customers fault because some of their bodies are not the right shape for the pants?

It is already on YouTube….Needless to say he did not score points.

Funny, for years we carried our spirit pants in plus and super plus and never had a problem or complaint about “thighs rubbing and causing a problem”.

It can happen, but for him to come across as blaming his customers might just cause a huge stampede in the wrong direction for LuluLemon.

There are just some comments that are the last straw.

Maybe women will start to take their $98 a pair somewhere else.



A Trend Setter

I just know that I have true power and that when I left the fashion business my real calling would appear.

I share this simply because it makes me smile.

My husband and I had a nostalgic moment a while back and decided it would be fun to go to a White Spot and sit in the parking lot and order car service. I declared I would have a Coke float in honour of our nostalgic feelings and he agreed. It was so good, a sunny day, old memories and OMG I forgot how good a float tasted.

Ice Cream Float - Suzanne Bell's Blog

I of course told several friends of this and weeks later one of those friends took another friend and went to a restaurant and ordered a float. She advised me it was a diet caffeine-free Pepsi, float, but still……

I started to see the trend of which I am so sure I started.  (I should say the resurgence of a very old simple indulgence)   Yesterday I was on the phone with my cousin and was interrupted when in flew two friends with all the makings of guess what??? Yes, no question, I was on a hot trend…

Who knew how fast it would spread? My cousin called me back hours later to tell me she walked to Save On Foods near Cambie and Broadway and saw a big line up. They were serving customers free floats. That did it, we declared me a trend setter right on the spot!!

What will be next?

A Change Of Pace

It has been such a different lifestyle not working.  For me it has been great to slow my processes down and take time  for the journey my head insists on taking.  When I was working my brain seemed to “quick fire”, always making me  fast on my feet and accomplishing lots of things but not really allowing that deep brewing that can shift one’s thinking.

After the store closed and I had some time to catch up on sleep. It seemed that I was in for a time of engaging with friends who needed me.  As always it was also a time for me to learn some universal lessons of my own.  I believe that as one engages with a pure intent to be sincere and “there”for friends in need, we receive an opportunity to grow.  I have trained myself to listen carefully ( in a large part thanks to all of my friends from the store) for lessons that I need.  Wow have they been coming in my direction…

Like learning to say “no” which I am good at, it feels very powerful for me.  It gives me a sense of authenticity.  When I say no, I mean it and therefore when I say yes I mean that also.  This is not a new lesson for me, in fact I think I did write about this before.  It comes up still which probably means I need to pay attention.  I have a friend who’s yes and no I do not trust.  She does things often that she does not want to do and shares that with me.  I find it hard to have a meaningful friendship under those circumstances.  On the other hand I have a dear friend that took on this lesson with me and we love the feeling of pure clarity, although she says I waffle sometimes.  Waffling for me is just working out the logistics and I am sticking to it….

Thanks for  asking about what I have been doing.  This is a taste.  In this moment I am in the “zen zone” as one of my friends and I are fond of saying.  I am learning to do things and have relationships in life without expectation.  I am also learning that this is very tough work.  I believe it has something to do with getting it all clear about yourself and therefore being truly available as best you can at this moment in time.  Expecting nothing in return, incredibly, has brought me great joy. 

Pennington Ads

I hope you have had a chance to see the Pennington ads that are now showing on TV. It is a woman of size wearing a bra and briefs, several funky choices and she dances in and out of the shot. It is also a breast cancer campaign if I recall. I have heard lots of chatter about the fact she is a large woman. From my camp it is mostly positive but of course lots of the negative chatter from those who are opposed to using large women as role models.

This could be a very long piece, as most of you know I have lots of opinions, but this reminded me of something important…..When I started to teach fitness for large women 30 years ago it was the first time folks in community centers had seen women of size participating in fitness classes. At first it was shocking to them and as we assimilated it became part of the norm. I remember very vividly when I was asked by the center to sub for a “regular fitness class teacher” who was away. The fact they asked me in itself was amazing (they were stuck but still…) but when I taught and stood at the front of the class of 50 adults, men and women I was accepted. They were accustomed to seeing me in that environment. As the class progressed I was could feel the shift and by the end they were asking me if I could come back.

Seeing this Pennington’s ad has the potential of having a real impact. It is well done, positive and hopefully will be the first of many… I am sure there are lots of opinions about the underwear but the big picture from my many years in the “plus” business is “we are being seen”. We all might choose to stand proud and give a clear message we are here, in this moment in time, as we are. For those who are fat phobic and don’t like it, well maybe you will just have to get used to it, we are great and we are part of all communities.