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Garden Fairy Doors

My friends, Lorie and Bob, are at it again!

They’ve been busy, during the last few weeks, working on a new project: http://GardenFairies.ca

It is a website to help the young (or the young at heart) enjoy magic in their own back yards, through the making of Garden Doors for Fairies, Gnomes, Elves and other magical garden creatures!

Also on their website they have a Blog, with easy-to-do projects that will enchant those who ‘believe” in the magic of such possibility.

Their one-of-a-kind doors are beautiful and each is handcrafted out of wood, and fairy-found objects. 

Here are just a few examples:

Red Heart - Garden Fairy Door - GardenFairies.ca Green Plank Garden Fairy Door with Wind Chime - GardenFairies.ca
Purple Peace Dove Garden Fairy Door - GardenFairies.ca

Click on any of these pictures
to open up a pop-up gallery
with larger images.


You can find their website here.

They are also on Facebook, and their Shop is listed on Etsy.








Happy New Year

Ambivalent Polymath Blog - Suzanne Bell's BlogHappy New Year!

I have been writing some things throughout the past months, but have not finished any of them.

I guess that says something about where my head is at.

I have, however, found a great and engrossing blog, that I wanted to share:


I really like it and thought you may want to check it out…





Haute Note Personalized Stationery

I thought this may be of interest.

Haute Note - a modern paperie | Personalized stationery - for every reason and every season

One of our customers I have known for 20 years has a new adventure: www.hautenote.com   – a company that makes personalized stationery and greeting cards.  Lorie calls her business “a modern paperie”.

Lorie is offering our Facebook and Blog fans a 25% discount until December 15th. The coupon code is NEW25. Check it out….





LuluLemon Yoga Pants

Did you hear Chip Wilson from LuluLemon comment today on TV that the problem with the infamous Yoga pants is his customers fault because some of their bodies are not the right shape for the pants?

It is already on YouTube….Needless to say he did not score points.

Funny, for years we carried our spirit pants in plus and super plus and never had a problem or complaint about “thighs rubbing and causing a problem”.

It can happen, but for him to come across as blaming his customers might just cause a huge stampede in the wrong direction for LuluLemon.

There are just some comments that are the last straw.

Maybe women will start to take their $98 a pair somewhere else.